Output And Power

Output, power requirement, and width options

The Triton Side-Press Seed Drill is constructed on a heavy gauge steel frame to allow for high horse-power, true one-pass, direct drilling into heavy clay. The frame has minimal flex so the wider framed versions will perform best where the field is relatively level.

Triton Side-Press drills at a standard maximum yield of six-inch rows, with every row getting a deep rooting slot. However, the Triton is not a band seeder.

Output is seasonally high and drill width selection could be reduced in comparison to other drills. It is also high due to the reduced need for discing before, and reduced rolling after, drilling. The number of available drilling days the Triton provides also increase output, with the drill tested on heavy clay in mid-December and mid-January during heavy rainfall. Spot rates of 20 acres an hour have been achieved in sticky clay with a 4m Triton Side-Press Seed Drill.

The 3m and 4m Triton Side-Press drills are high output and fit the requirement as the main drill on most farms. It is available in full draft, half draft, lite and x-lite draft options.

The 6m drill is for high output on level land farms and is only available in lite-draft and x-lite draft option.

The horsepower requirement is dependent on soil type and the structure of the soil, but 50hp per metre is required for the standard half-draft set up.

The Triton Side-Press is multi-width, so if conditions get tough the drill can easily be reduced in width taking just a few minutes.

To get full performance, the Triton Side-Press requires relatively high horse. The 2017 spring drought exposed the drawbacks of some low-draft seeding systems, with stressed winter cereals and failed spring sowings. As a result, the Triton Side-Press Seed Drill has been designed to help crops succeed in difficult seasons.