Triton 6m folding drill with Triton Accord System rear tank Six meter folding Triton all weather seed drill Six meter folding Triton all weather seed drill Triton all weather seed drill Skyfall continuous wheat direct drilled Nov 2019

Triton 6m folding drill with Triton Accord System rear tank Six meter folding Triton all weather seed drill

#1 Profit Fact
Drilling continuous wheat from Nov 5th-15th can give maximum net farm profits from combinable crops, by a large margin

Why ? What yields do we expect ?
AHDB figures for late sown wheat (defined as Nov15th – Jan 31st) average just 8% less than standard autumn drilling dates and this includes January sown wheats ! Nov 5th-15th is not even late by these credentials.

Why not drill earlier ?
Dormancy of Blackgrass seed, Take-All, Bydv, slugs, septoria, eyespot, brome, rye grass, blw… are all prolific in the early autumn.

Also, Herbicide needs damp soil (vital in continuous wheat to get 98% bgrass control).
Crucially, drilling late allows time to make a number of false seed beds to wipe out grass weeds.

Why not drill later?
Drilling later is valid but not necessary and yield will slowly reduce from later drillings.

My light land won’t grow 2nd wheats.. ?
Light land suffers from higher takeall levels. But, If the moisture and nutrient is in the field and the TakeAll levels are reduced then the roots will be healthy enough to carry subsequent wheats much better. By the use of AminoA Flo or AminoA Blazt the roots and the whole plant physiology may be boosted to give remarkable yields on light land.

My heavy land can’t be drilled after mid October.. ?
To date, No heavy soil has prevented a Triton seed drill from carrying out fully effective drilling in any weather. Stubble management must be carried out in accordance with Triton seed drills recommendations after which the Triton can drill at will.

At time of going to press milling wheat is worth 35% more than feed Barley and is higher yielding. Wall to wall wheat gives maximum profit when some rotations are actually losing money. In many instances a Triton has paid for itself by drilling just one field of late wheat, in just one year..

In summary, by drilling in November most yield robbing factors are dramatically reduced and yields are still high. TakeAll is neither created nor multiplied by Nov drillings so all the wheats perform close to their full potential. Inputs such as fungicide and herbicide can also be dramatically reduced in time, by tayloring to the historic weed seed expectancy of each field.

So, whether you add a Triton to your existing line up of drills, or whether you use a Triton as the sole establishment tool, there is no simpler way to boost the farm output.

SENOVA Fido Triticale direct drilled into wheat stubble Oct 16th completely smothered black grass. Triton and AminoA give valuable extra options

SENOVA Fido Triticale direct drilled into wheat stubble Oct 16th completely smothered black grass. Triton and AminoA give valuable extra options

New Triton brochure and blades catalogue available, please email us your details for a brochure –

Triton Seed Drills

Direct Drilled by Triton Nov 3rd 2018, ultra low inputs

The Triton direct drill is the only drill I have used that closes the seeding tine slot. For me the closing blade on the Triton is the best on the market and has now given us the option of direct drilling high magnesium clay soils, when appropriate. It’s a true all rounder direct drill on both cultivated and none cultivated soils (read full testimonial here)

M G Sutton

We had always hoped that someone would make a drill like the Triton for our heavy land farm, we liked it so much we bought the prototype which has proved its worth and has moved us forward as hoped and expected. Great drill, great potential, good luck.

John Hedges & Sons

Our steepest, most awkward field had not ploughed very well, consequently getting spring beans in during a wet spell proved too much for our 6 metre drill. A neighbour suggested trying the Triton drill which did the job admirably, we got a crop and would recommend the machine in heavy conditions.

T B Fairey and Sons

The first season with the Triton drill proved how well it would cope with wet late conditions. This season, naturally totally different from last year has shown that given good stubble management (which need not be expensive) how well it managed with direct drilling in a variety of weather and soil types.

Guy Stanley

Welcome To Triton Seed Drills

Triton is a seed drill that utilises purist vertical tillage through one-pass direct, or conventional, seeding. The Triton will also drill into a range of cover crops. It is the only seeding system capable of fully effective direct seed drilling into all soils in all weathers. It is unique and is both worldwide patent applied and European design registered.

  • Designed by engineers in Cambridge for maximum versatility and yields, and low-input farming.
  • 100% British, assembled by a long-established agricultural fabricating company in Retford.
  • Requires no adjustment between seed types and is maintenance free.
  • Provides seedlings with an ideal growing environment from one-pass seeding into any soil in any weather conditions.
  • Performs perfectly in any soil, in any weather, drilling all seed types. It uses no roller or packer.
  • The Triton Side-press seeded fields do not require rolling.
  • The horizontal and vertical lifting blades create secure enclosure of the seed in any wet conditions in heavy clay.

The Triton is a game changer: no longer does the weather effect the drilling programme. With one-pass vertical tillage seeding the Triton is arguably better for the soil structure than Controlled Traffic Farming due to one-pass vertical tillage seeding, and no rolling.

Rotate your entire farm under profitable, weed-free, winter sown crops. Kick spring-sown scrappy crops into the ditch.

There is a three-month delivery period for a Triton Seed Drill so we urge an early visit to see the crop establishment on a Triton drilled farm. Whether rock-hard dry clay, or saturated ground of any soil type, you will be able to drill rape straight behind the combine with a Triton.

Take back control of your rotation and profitability with a Triton Seed Drill.

Why Triton?

The unique Triton Side-Press Seed Drill (two-stage side-press) has revolutionised seed drilling – no longer is it dictated by the weather. The Triton Drill sets seed securely, with full soil contact, without using a press, a packer or a separate roller. It also self-cleaning. The non-inversion, low disturbance, seeding blades cut the soil open while placing the seed on to the seed terrace, where the seed is split to either side of the terrace by the soil interrupter and splitter bar.

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Triton Seed Drills - 2018

The Seed Drill

The most important item in a farming business.

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Watch the Triton Side-Press Seed Drill in action.

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Key features of a Triton Seed Drill

Key Features

Key features of the Triton Seed Drill.

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