The Triton Side-Press Seed Drill takes the uncertainty out of the spring drilling programme by allowing drilling to take place on whatever start date is planned.

Spring cropping can erode farm profit very significantly unless best results are attained.

Spring barley planted on 15 February is capable of yielding 3.5t/acre, but 2.25t/acre is more likely if it is planted at the end of March. While the lack of black-grass chemicals for spring crops can lead to grass weed infestation.

The Triton Side-Press Seed Drill provides the opportunity to drill spring barley from 15 February for winter stubbles grant option, every year, in any weather. On late autumn and early spring drilled crops, we recommend the application of AminoA at mid-tillering and growth stages 31 and 39. Get more information here.

​Have your cake and eat it?

With a Triton drill you can drill beans on 15 February into a wintered fallow stubble, collecting your greening points and getting a very clean crop of winter beans. You also get the option of a clean first wheat in the autumn, and probably a second and third wheat too.

Only a Triton Side-Press Seed Drill can drill wet clay in mid-February and shut the seed slot. No other seed drill can do this.