When a wheat crop is emerging in mid-December it is usually safe from slugs because they are less active in the deep winter. However, once the energy in the seed has been converted into two wheat leaves there is very little solar energy to grow the plant on. An application of AminoA will help to fortify the wheat plants and, with the sun-light hours lengthening in January, the crop should start to tiller well.

Laboratory trials show the impact of AminoA, when applied to different plants at different rates against control plants, is striking.

We applied AminoA at the end of October to our late-drilled rape and growth has jumped in just 48 hours.

AminoA is a worthwhile field application as it is environmentally friendly and crop safe. AminoA contains many plant nutrients and the fast response L-amino acids bring a new angle. They give crops a boost going into the winter and set the plants up for strong growth early in the spring.

Find out more about AminoA and winter wheat yield response here. <<<http://aminoa.co.uk/Wheat-Trial-Results>>>