The Seed Drill

The Seed Drill – the most important item in a farming business

There is a potential return of £60,000 from 100 acres of winter wheat, but this can be severely hit by grass weeds and slugs.

​You can face years of increased costs and low output if control of the rotation is lost due to the build-up of resistant black-grass on parts of your farm. ​Drilling wheat later in the year, even in December, gives you the opportunity to keep your rotation intact, reduce herbicide costs, and protect your output.

The Triton Side-Press Seed Drill is ideal for extended late drilling, avoiding the problems that blight existing seed techniques. It allows for multiple false seed beds – giving a sustainable reduction in black-grass levels.

Triton Side-Press Seed Drill offers:

  • a two-stage, self-cleaning side-press system allows crops to be planted into virtually any conditions including heavy clay in the winter without the need for rolling due to the unique side press feature;
  • either one-pass direct drilling, or into any seed bed, the Triton will set the seed away from slugs secure in the soil;
  • the ability to break up the soil in the rooting zone directly below every seedling. The Triton gives an unrivalled 7-inch depth and adds a lateral rooting zone to increase the rooting and nutrient gathering ability of direct drilled seedlings.
  • Constructed around several features and designs, which are patent applied in the UK and worldwide;
  • All parts are bespoke, with the majority of components made in northern England.

The Triton Drill will perform well if the tractor can travel without scrapping.

Crop residues must be finely chopped or baled since pre-discing is not normally carried out, except where there is heavy residues or grass weeds. If heavy trash residues are present and are not being incorporated, a set of straight trash cutting discs can be fitted as an option.

Where grass weed is low density and crops are to be planted mid-season as opposed to November/December, surface cultivation with discs will help pre-emergent herbicide efficacy.